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"Since retiring early from professional life
and becomming an adviser with CARF,
I feel i am giving something positive back
to the community.
I can use the Skills and experience i have
gathered over my working lifeto help and
advise individuals as they try to deal with
a great variety of problems and
organisations that they find it difficult to
cope with on thier own."
Phil Leiper, Volunteer Adviser
"When I was finding it hard to get back
to work, I started doing some admin
work for CARF. It was very enjoyable
and while working around so many
interesting people and taking in such
a variety of knowledge from the mass
amount of resources CARF has.
I've learned so much.
Thanks to CARF I am also now in a
full time position of work where I get
to use all the knowledge and skills
I've gained"
Staff Member, CARF

Volunteering with CARF

Volunteers are a vital part of our organisation.
Without them we wouldn’t be able to help the large number of clients we see every year

Volunteers help us in all kinds of roles such as

(click any for more information on the role)

Whether you want to use existing skills

 or learn some new ones there is an opportunity for you within CARF.

If you can answer YES to the following questions, we want to hear from you.

  • Do you enjoy working with other people?
  • Do you want to work as part of a team?
  • Are you a good communicator?
  • Do you want to make a difference?

Who Volunteers? (click to read more)

What do you get in return for volunteering? (click to read more)

"My husband was a volunteer for Citizen's
advice for ten years and the work he did
was invaluable in helping him to cope
with having to give up work due to poor
I stopped working to care for him and
after his death I decided to follow in his
footsteps by becomming involved in
Social Policy work.
It has been so interesting and stimulating
and has given me a new focus and
interest in life."
Shirley Clarke, Volunteer Adviser
"I have been volunteering for CARF for
almost a year now. The ongoing training
is excellent and working in the bureau
has given me lots of confidence.
As a generalist adviser, I enjoy helping
people find practical soloutions to thier
The role can be challenging but its very
satisfying knowing that our endevours
make such a positive difference to
peoples lives. I am currently seeking
employment in this area and know that
my experience here will stand me in
good stead."
Severine-Mia Davison,
Volunteer adviser



Training for all roles begins with an induction where you will be introduced to


  • the aims and principles of the CAB Service,
  • the work of CARF,
  • office health and safety.

For more information regarding training please click here


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